Class 4 and 5 of 30

My friends, I’ve done it.  I’ve done a “double” as they call them.  To hot yoga classes in a row.  And I’m here to tell you, it was AWESOME!

Today’s Stats:

Teacher: Kate for both.  She saw me coming in for the second class and said “You’re back?! Don’t worry, I’ll change it up for you!”.  It was so great that she knew I was back and she recognized me.  She later told me I had a beautiful practice!  EEE!!  What a compliment.  I’ve been looking forward to this moment; when the studio stops being this place I go, and it starts being a place of friends and people I look forward to seeing.

Class: Both Moksha.  Both 60 minutes each.  We did a lot of flowing which I loved!

Thoughts:  The first class went well.  I wasn’t sure if I would do the second one for sure.  I decided to make the decision once I was back in the dressing room.  I was just feeling so high off the yoga love that I dumped my mat and soaked towel and skipped across to Starbucks (in the rain, wearing yoga shorts and rainboots.. quite the sight!) and grabbed a soy strawberry banana smoothie.  I drank about a third before class because I wanted the sugar and energy, but I didn’t want to feel full and bloated.  Turns out I drank the perfect amount!  I went back in and headed for the hot side of the room.  I also put my mat in the middle line instead of the very front where I usually go.  Just for a change of scene and to help me get my eyes off my body in the mirror.  The mirror is to help alignment and improve postures, not to stare at my cellulite or judge myself.  I need to keep reminding myself that.  The second class was super fun.  Kate had us laughing a couple of times.  I just decided right off the top that if I wasn’t feeling it, I’d already done one great class today and I could just lie down and peace out.  But, as it turns out, that’s all I needed.  The permission to have a lazy class.  I just had energy pouring out my ears.  Extra vinyasa?  Yes please.  Do another one with one foot in the air?  Whatever you say, Kate!  Try crow one more time even though it’s impossible due to the sweat dripping off every extremity?  With pleasure!

I came home on a high.  I made a healthy quinoa, bean, and veggie salad and topped it with olive oil, balsamic, lime juice, cilantro, and the last scoop of salsa in the jar and promptly fell asleep for an hour.  Now, I’m off to do my show.  Wish me luck!!  I’m feeling good now, but I’ve definitely expended a lot of energy already today.

Have you ever done a “double”?  Was it a good or bad experience?


About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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  1. YAY! You go girl! I have never done two hot yoga classes in a day before! I have done 1 yin and 1 bikram a couple times! I am very nervous for the day of double bikram! I think double moksha would be better, because you would have a little bit of a different class (in terms of postures). I am glad your studio is starting to feel comfy! Best feeling EVER! There’s a nutrition workshop tomorrow at my studio! I’ll share the love! Look for a post sometime next week!

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