River Road Run – 10K

What a day!  I can’t believe I can run for an hour without dying!  It’s crazy.  I am so high on life!  But let’s back up…

Things got off to an early start, on the road just after 8a.m. for a 10a.m. start.  I was excited and nervous because I’ve never done a 10K before AND I’ve never run a race by myself!  I was heading to the River Road Run in St. Mary’s.  It was super small and casual, lots of local families, no chip timing, no microphones.  Just a bunch of runners, running.  Oh, and cute kids busting it out for the 3K.

The starting line was literally a line of tape across the road.  They started late.  There were only 40 or so runners, and I was smiling!  The whistle blew and off we went.People were full on sprinting.  In that moment, I was terrified.  I am not a fast runner, I am a new runner.  I just want to finish and not collapse at the end.  This was a small, fast, experienced field of  runners.  I managed to keep my wits about me and after a too fast first kilometre, I slowed it down to an average pace of 9:50 minutes/mile.  The course was an out and back, which I find tough.  I am too aware that every step I take out is just a step I have to take back!  But after the 5K turn around point I was still smiling.  It was a quiet, country course that got a little lonely.  I was wishing that people would chat more! I tried to talk a bit, but people were pretty into their ipods.  Does that bother anyone else?  I guess they wanted to PR?!  I ended up running with just one ear bud in for most of it.  I could only see one girl in front of me for the bulk of the run… I was lonely!  I missed running with Mr. Best Things!Before I knew it, I could see the finish line and my lovely parents who were there cheering me on!This was just after I’d done a cheer for them!  I was having so much fun, even all by my self!I booked it across the finish line having blown past the two girls I was pacing with for the first half of the race.  I finished in an automatic PR (because it was my first 10K) of 1:00:26!  I am so happy with that time!  I actually finished about 6 or 7th last of all the 10Kers… it was a FAST GROUP!  In the end, what a fun and exciting day I had.  I have caught the running bug so hard!  I can’t stop. I’m looking for a couple more little races before the winter sets in.

Did you race this weekend?  Training for anything?

About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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  1. Good for you Kayla! You had an amazing PR for your first 10km! I found the race to be lonely as well, and I didn’t enjoy that it was out and back. I actually found the way back to be even harder since you were running against the wind at that point! It was a pretty course though, and I’m just happy that I got through it! Hope to see you racing again someday, have a great trip back to Edmonton!

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