September Fun.

September started off sunny and lazy in Ontario.I cuddled with my puppy.  We call her Dog.  Her real name is Callie.  She’s a beagle.I cleaned out my closets at home.  And found this gem.  My gymnastics trophy from when I was 8.I ran two races!  A 5K and my first 10K!

I bought and car and drove it across the country with my dad.I went to my lovely friend’s Kalie and Phil’s wedding.And… I spent my first day on set EVER.  I filmed a mini-series for Global TV called “Bomb Girls”.  I swing danced for 14 hours!  What a month!






About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

Posted on October 11, 2011, in September. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. A busy month for you! Congrats on so many accomplishments!
    Any idea when the mini-series will air?

  2. Wow, an amazing month indeed! Congrats beautiful, lady!

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