2011 Fall Classic 5 Miler – Edmonton

Two races in two days!  We’re crazy. Who are we? Our first run ever was earlier this year in July, and now we’re running two races on the weekend? I love it. We ran The Fall Classic 5 Miler here in Edmonton. It was made doubly exciting because I got to use my brand new early birthday present. The illustrious Garmin Forerunner 305. After one use, I’m in love. And P.S., the course distance was PERFECT. My garmin literally beeped as I stepped over the mat. I feel like that doesn’t happen very often, especially after yesterday’s fiasco.

But let’s back up.  We got up early-ish again, I had my standard peanut butter toast and coffee, and we hit the road.  The race was just across the river in a new to me area of Edmonton called Northlands.  What a great excuse to explore a new neighbourhood!  This race was very well organized.  We even got to wait for the start inside in a community hall.  Very important because it was COLD.  Don’t want any frozen runners before the race even starts! Once we got going, I ditched the down vest and just ran in my long sleeved lululemon top and capris running tights and I was the perfect temperature.

We had lots of time for indoor bathroom breaks (I waited in the longest line for the women’s while Mr. Best Things breezed in and out of the mens!) and pre-race kissing.

The weather was pretty spectacular, I must say.  Thank you, dear Edmonton Gods of Winter, for allowing me this amazing fall weather lately.  It’s cold, but sunny and gorgeous out.  Please let this weather last as long as humanly possible.  Sincerely, Kayla.

As for the actual run, we killed it! We ran SO FAST!  I can’t believe it actually. Here’s the mile splits from my NEW GARMIN (I’m excited about this, can you tell?)

Mile 1: 9:24

Mile 2: 9:17

Mile 3: 9:23

Mile 4: 9:14

Mile 5: 8:32

I really can’t believe the time we made. I remember the run in July when I called Mr. Best Things to say that I ran 2 miles in under 11 minutes each. Just goes to show how a little sweat and pavement pounding will do wonders!  Because we entered really late, they gave us chips of no show runners.  Mr. Best Things’ alias is Lindsay, and mine is Ben. Weird, right?I got about 25 metres behind Mr. BT for the last mile or two, which suited me fine, I liked the view. So I secretly snuck up on him at the end and sprinted my ass off (reaching a 5:30 min/mile pace for a second or two) to try and beat him. The crowd watching the runners come in loved it. They told him someone was gaining and some people were cheering me on too!  In the end, he won!  He’s so fast!

Overall, I had such a great run.  We had some pancakes afterwards while sitting right there in the crunchy leaves.  Can’t the weather stay like this forever?  Please!?
I’m so glad that Mr. Best Things dragged me out on those first runs back in June. He has really helped me to love this sport.  I feel strong and powerful when I run. I can use my muscular legs for good instead of evil (mostly the evil, self-deprecating thoughts they make me think). This is probably the last race of my season this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Did anyone have to drag your butt out the door when you first started running?

About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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