April Goals.

1. Try not to kill my new herb garden.  I planted oregano, parsley, chives, cilantro, and basil in an at home mini-green house.  I hope I get some sprouts!  (SOURCE)

2. Post on this blog a minimum of 6 times per week. (SOURCE)

3. Learn how to make a killer martini.  Any kind.  Then drink it.  Maybe make one for a friend and drink them together.  (SOURCE)

4. Take my dog for a walk daily.  Even just around the block.

5. Make something.  Create something.  Don’t care what it is.  Just has to be made by me.  (SOURCE)

6. Run 40 miles. (SOURCE)

7. Strength train at least twice a week. (SOURCE)

8. Try not to buy this dress online.  I love it. (SOURCE)

If you won that huge lottery draw that’s happening in the States right now, what’s the first thing you’d do?

I’d buy a bunch of property all over the world and let all my family and friends use it for vacations and reunions!  Edmonton, Toronto, NYC, South Africa, London England, Los Angeles!  Oh yeah, and give some to charity.  🙂


About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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