Things I Miss…

1. My vanity.  Lovingly bought for me by Mr. Best Things.  Lovingly covered in thrift store bling by yours truly.  Love that cake stand.

2. Tommy. I don’t get to drive Tommy, but money keeps disappearing from my accounts to pay for him…

3. Chelsea.

4. Running with Mr. Best Things.

5. Kisses… oh the kisses I’ve missed.

6. Cuddles in the late afternoon sun.

7. Making dinner for someone.  Every time I cook he says it’s amazing.  Every time.

8. Mr. Best Things.

No matter which side of the country I’m on, there’s something and someone to miss.

As much as I’m trying not to focus on the hard parts of why I’m here, I thought they did deserve a post.  I am truly happy to be where I am right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my own bed once in a while.

Stay positive, stay in the moment, stay connected.  The rest will sort itself out.

Or that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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