Summer To Do List: Revisited

1. Take a tennis lesson. I didn’t take a professional tennis lesson, but I did play more than a couple of times throughout the summer.  I still suck though.

2. Watch fireworks. I got the chance to go to a friend’s cottage up North and we watched fireworks from her family’s boat on Canada Day.

3. Host a party of some TBA fabulous theme. I didn’t have a massive, stressful party, but I did have my girlfriends over for veggie burgers, salad, wine, and a swim!

4. Go berry picking. Not even close.  No berry picking.  Ate lots of local strawberries, though.

5. Wear summer dresses as much as possible. Definitely succeeded here.  Not a surprise, I love summer dresses!

6. Run 3 races before it snows. Fail!  Didn’t run a single race.  I’ll attribute it to a weird show schedule and a physically taxing show.

7. Read 3 books.  This is lofty considering I haven’t read a book since Christmas.. recommendations? Definitely succeeded.  Some titles include: all of the Fifty Shades books (haha), The Last Werewolf, The Penelopiad and lots more.  Got on a bit of a kick.

8. Eat a green meal everyday.  Big salad, big smoothie.. or just a huge side plate of green something with dinner. Medium success, definitely ate lots of produce.

9.  Swim in the pool as much as possible. I would say YES!  It’s deep, big, and COLD, our pool.  So I did my best.  And it was lovely.

10. Sit on the back porch with a bottle of wine and good company until an unreasonably late hour.  Have more wine on hand. As the picture above shows, I drank a lot of wine.  Congrats, Kayla. 

About Kayla @ Lovely Ride

A professional actor with some crazy dreams of healthy eating, marathon running, photo taking, and yoga posing.

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  1. I’ve just subscribed to you and definitely looking forward to reading much more!

    ooo love your list. I played tennis for a couple of years in high school(had a coach and all of that),, but literally played about 5 times in the last 5 years! I miss it!

    Summer dresses are cute and comfy!

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