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NYC so far..

I’m in NEW YORK CITY right now living it up and seeing shows! I auditioned for A Chorus line today, I’ll tell you that story later…

For now, here’s a small taste of what I’ve been up to!






Summer To Do List: Revisited

1. Take a tennis lesson. I didn’t take a professional tennis lesson, but I did play more than a couple of times throughout the summer.  I still suck though.

2. Watch fireworks. I got the chance to go to a friend’s cottage up North and we watched fireworks from her family’s boat on Canada Day.

3. Host a party of some TBA fabulous theme. I didn’t have a massive, stressful party, but I did have my girlfriends over for veggie burgers, salad, wine, and a swim!

4. Go berry picking. Not even close.  No berry picking.  Ate lots of local strawberries, though.

5. Wear summer dresses as much as possible. Definitely succeeded here.  Not a surprise, I love summer dresses!

6. Run 3 races before it snows. Fail!  Didn’t run a single race.  I’ll attribute it to a weird show schedule and a physically taxing show.

7. Read 3 books.  This is lofty considering I haven’t read a book since Christmas.. recommendations? Definitely succeeded.  Some titles include: all of the Fifty Shades books (haha), The Last Werewolf, The Penelopiad and lots more.  Got on a bit of a kick.

8. Eat a green meal everyday.  Big salad, big smoothie.. or just a huge side plate of green something with dinner. Medium success, definitely ate lots of produce.

9.  Swim in the pool as much as possible. I would say YES!  It’s deep, big, and COLD, our pool.  So I did my best.  And it was lovely.

10. Sit on the back porch with a bottle of wine and good company until an unreasonably late hour.  Have more wine on hand. As the picture above shows, I drank a lot of wine.  Congrats, Kayla. 

Summer 2012: To Do List

1. Take a tennis lesson.

2. Watch fireworks

3. Host a party of some TBA fabulous theme

4. Go berry picking

5. Wear summer dresses as much as possible

6. Run 3 races before it snows

7. Read 3 books.  This is lofty considering I haven’t read a book since Christmas.. recommendations?

8. Eat a green meal everyday.  Big salad, big smoothie.. or just a huge side plate of green something with dinner.

9.  Swim in the pool as much as possible.

10. Sit on the back porch with a bottle of wine and good company until an unreasonably late hour.  Have more wine on hand.


I decided I needed some fun this weekend.  So, after rehearsals on Saturday night, I stayed over with my friend Matt in Stratford.  We went out for Indian food and had the most amazing meal, followed by the delicious mango ice cream above.  We went out for drinks after with the cast and I had one too many fresh line margaritas, which were super tasty.  Sunday morning we went to the Stratford Swan Parade.  Yes, you heard correctly.  There is a parade, with bag pipes and people lining the street, to get the swans into the river.  How weird is that?  It was raining and cold, but we still went and had fun!  What a weird experience.  But what a great weekend!

30 Day Vegan Challenge

So it’s actually Day 3 of this challenge.  I guess I wanted to make sure I could do it before making it blog world official.  The challenge was actually put forth by Run to the Finish so feel free to pop on over and check out the official page.  For me, this is more of a declaration of my general desire to eat more whole foods than non whole foods.  I have been really cracking down on my junk consumption these last three weeks and I’ve noticed a great difference in my body.  Not in a like magical, “Oh wow, now my body is perfect and I love everything about it” kind of way, just that I can tell if my body sort of disagrees with something.  Like a processed soy based granola bar with 35 ingredients.  Didn’t make my stomach feel awesome.  That americano I didn’t really need but drank at 4p.m. gave me a splitting headache.  Things I would never have noticed if I hadn’t cleaned up my diet.  I realize that I am in control of how my body functions on a day to day basis.  I can make it work harder, or not.  I can feed it clean, colourful food, or I can make it slog through junk to find nutrients.


I’ve been vegan before.  I don’t think I did it right.  I know A LOT more about food now.  About how to eat to feel great even if you’re cutting out animal products.  The only real changes I need to make to my diet to be vegan are: dropping eggs, cheese, and greek yogurt.  Other than that, I’m already there.  The challenge for me lies not in the actual “vegan” ness of it all, but in the whole food aspect of it.

Vegan related things on my mind:

-I’m making a ton of recipes by Angela at Oh She Glows lately.  Check them out.  They are AMAZING.

-I am eating so much kale and I’m loving it.  In smoothies, stirfrys, and chip form.

-I have eaten steel cut oats every morning for the past month.. I need to branch out.

-I gave up chips for lent.  I’m not religious.  Can I still participate?  I LOVE chips. I’ll give you my recipe for chip salad .. have everyone buy a small bag of chips then put them all in a big bowl together.  It’s delicious and nutritious!

-Before the challenge started I was eating some dip leftover from a party my dad had and looked at the ingredients list.. it included CHICKEN FAT?! WTF? I was baffled and upset.  Though not vegan at the time, I have been vegetarian for 4.5 years so this sucked!  WHY would one need chicken fat in a vegetable dip!?!?  ARGh.  read labels. lesson learned.

-same thing happened with some digestive biscuits but this time it was beef stock or something. again WTF.  Two incidents in two days.  Gross. I relearned the lesson thank you very much.


Away We Go.

Let me draw your attention to a little post I wrote a while back… here it is.  I posted about my “Virtual Dream Board” on September 16th 2011.  The first thing I wrote about was “Performing at the Stratford Festival”.  I am happy to announce…

To put it simply, I have been dreaming about this moment since I was a child.  I have been going to see shows at Stratford my whole life because I grew up really close.  This is the biggest, most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.  And it’s happening now.  That’s a crazy feeling.  My brain is exploding with happiness, anxiety, excitement, and fear of the unknown.  We start Friday.  I am thrilled, and terrified.  And my heart hurts because I had to move across the country and leave Mr. Best Things to cook for himself (hope he doesn’t starve..).  I miss him so much. It’s going to be a crazy hard next couple of months, but when your dreams are coming true in front of you, you grab them, right?  I want to write about this experience so I never forget what it felt like when this moment occurred.  Thank you for reading my ramblings and letting me express my excitement. This dream is 10 years in the making.

What’s your biggest, scariest dream?  The one that you need to write a virtual dream board about?!

Crazy Times.

Guess who dyed her hair a crazy colour today and crossed one thing off her 30 before 30 list?

30 before 30.

I am 24, I realize.  But for some reason, I’ve been feeling like life is passing me by of late. I think the “twenties” are a deceptively tough time for women. I kind of feel like any moment now, my life is going to get ahead of me. Any moment now, I’ll jump on the “get engaged, get married, buy a house, have some kiddies” train.  And, don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about that stage of my life. Like, really excited. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve had the baby bug since I was about 16 years old. I just want to make sure that, in my life, I feel fulfilled. No matter how many other things are demanding my attention, I want to have fun, attainable, personal goals that I can work towards. Things that make me a happier, more well rounded person.

I am one of those super lucky people who made a career out of my hobby; dancing/performing. I LOVE that about my life. But, that’s the thing about hobbies… people need them to feel happy. We need something that takes us away from everything else in our lives. I’ve felt a little lost in my life without my “hobby” of dance. Because, as much as I love my job, it’s still a job some days. Lately, I’ve been searching for some hobbies/passions that can help me when I need a break from my job.

Enter, 30 before 30.  30 goals. to be completed by the time I’m 30. I didn’t want these to be like “have a family” or “buy a house”.  Stuff like that is so hard to pinpoint. There are so many unknowns with having kids and stuff like that. I want these goals to be about me. So that nothing outside of me can get in the way of me achieving them.

30 before 30.

1. Run a half-marathon

2. Run a marathon

3. Compete in 30 races

4. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge

5. Learn to sew on a sewing machine

6. Take a photography class

7. Take a cooking class

8. Complete a daily photography challenge

9. Blog everyday for 30 days

10. Make a piece of clothing for myself

11. Weigh my happy weight

12. Host a fantastic dinner party

13. Dye my hair an interesting colour

14. Take Mr. Best Things to South Africa to meet my family

15. Take a hot air balloon ride.

16. Be able to still do right and left leg splits and a straddle with my chest on the floor

17. Take a long road trip

18. Become a certified yoga teacher

19. Write a guest post for someone else’s blog

20. Get 100 views in a day on Best Things Happen…  (March 10th, 2012)

21. Go bungee jumping/sky diving.. something thrilling and mind bogglingly high off the ground

22. Climb a crazy high mountain.  One that takes more than a day is more than sufficient.

23. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise over a beach somewhere beautiful

24. Backpack through Europe with Mr. Best Things.

25. Spend a summer in NYC.

26. Create a recipe and publish a tutorial with beautiful, edited pictures

27. Get a degree

28. Go skinny dipping with Mr. Best Things

29. Volunteer somewhere

30. Move to a new home

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