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10K Sign Up

I had so much fun at my second ever race, a 5K with my family, last weekend, that I couldn’t help but sign up for another one before I leave. I have been training for a 10 Miler (which I’m still not officially signed up for) in October and I figured a 10K would be the perfect stepping stone towards that goal.  Just on Monday, I ran 6 miles for the first time in around 1:10.  It was tough, it was hot, but I survived and even ran most of it.  I feel like 10K (or 6.2 miles) is totally doable, but much more of a challenge than my last 5K.  Funny how when I started running in May, I was terrified I wouldn’t get through the 3.1 miles of my 5K race, and now I think that’s easy (ish).The run is on Sunday, September 25th at 10 a.m!  Wish me luck!P.S. – I’m obviously just in this for the t-shirts.

Have you signed up for any races lately?  Do you like to sign up way in advance, or spur of the moment?

First Week Training

Here we are, one week of my 10 miler training plan completed.  I also closed my show and moved across the province, so I’ve been a little busy.  I didn’t actually do my planned “long run” on Sunday, but I did do it today, so I don’t feel too bad.  Within this past week, I also performed in six high energy, high cardio performances of Hairspray.  All in all, I’m happy with this week!

Onwards and upwards I say.  Things change, shows end!  I’m ready to really focus on my healthy eating and running this month.

Friday T.M.I

So I’m totally stealing this idea from the lovely Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat (she does Confession Thursdays)…

1. I went for my 3 mile run this morning (as per my training calendar) and it went really well.  It was smoggy and hot, even though I was all prepared for September temperatures when I set out.  I ran at a 10:12 minutes per mile average pace, which is crazy fast for me!  I was so happy!  3 miles? Check!2. I am closing my show this weekend.  I’ve been in small town Ontario performing in a little show called Hairspray.  We’ve been at it for six weeks, and it’s all coming to a close this weekend.  This is the thing about what I do, change is always imminent!  I’m spending the next three weeks at home with my parents!  Fun times ahead!3. I am currently drinking an iced coffee from Tim Hortons.  I didn’t know this, but you can just say “no base” (i.e. no cream based sweetened syrup mix) and get just milk in it.  Score!!  I’m addicted.

4. I found a new blog I’m in love with called MegaNerd Runs.  She’s cute and brainy.  I LOVE RACE RECAPS.  I read them instead of going to sleep sometimes.

5. I am in love with peanut butter.  Well, nut butter in general.  And then I made my own by following EdibleASH‘s recipe using roasted cashews and coconut, and now well, I think I have unleashed a dragon here.  Good thing I don’t own a food processor yet…  but, my birthday is coming up!

There you have it!  Anything you want to share today?

Looking Forward to Fall

Being a summer girl at heart, and living in the coldest place in the world (Canada), I am sad to see the calendar change to September today. That being said, it’s not something I can change.  The seasons will change, the time will pass, winter will come, and I can’t stop it.  So, I might as well make the best of it.  Find something to be excited about!

5 Things I Love About Fall

1) Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.

These are just to die for.  And let’s not mince words here folks, this is a treat.  A grande, 2%, with whip pumpkin spice latte is 10 Weight Watchers points.  Considering I only get 29 in a day, that’s just too much.  A tall, nonfat, no whip is only 5 WW points.  Still a treat.  But one I will for sure indulge in.

2)My Birthday!  It’s October 27th, just FYI.  You can start planning now.

3)The leaves changing.  Southern Ontario, where I’ll be spending most of fall this season, is known for it’s beautiful leaves at this time of year.

4)The holidays.  I loves me some Thanksgiving (which is weird considering I’m a vegetarian).  And Halloween is fun too.  All amazing excuses to eat.  Which is one of my favourite pass times.

5)The fashion.  I love the heat of summer, the humidity, and the fashion.  But when it comes to fall, the clothes just turn my crank.  Boots, skinny jeans, light jackets, decorative hats (as opposed to full winter wear for temperature purposes), and scarves!

So there you have it folks.  I may not be pumped to be leaving August behind, but I’m trying my best to look forward to the amazing things fall has to offer!

What is your favourite thing about fall?  Any new fashion trends to share?

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