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Instant Food

Last night, I spent the evening prepping food for the coming week.  I chopped onions, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Cooked quiona, presoaked chickpeas, and grilled vegetables and tofu.  I also munched on lots of different yummy things while I cooked.  I don’t normally do this, but I think I’m going to have to start.  Tonight, when I went to make my dinner, I had options.  Blessed options.  I threw some vinegar soaked chickpeas in the oven to start toasting as a little salty appetizer as per THIS recipe.  I had just bought a jar of my favorite salsa (with black beans and corn in it) and knew I wanted to use it up.  I ate my S+V chickpeas while preparing my dinner.  A quinoa bowl with a lettuce base, sauteed onions, broccoli, and cauliflower and lots of salsa on top.  Quick, delicious, and nutritious.

The thing about healthy eating is that it’s kind of tough.  It’s not always the easiest solution when you’re tired and hungry to chop up veggies and cook grains.  It’s easier to get take out, or if you’re like me, eat toast with peanut butter on it for every meal.  Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the occasional cereal dinner, but I want to strive towards green, clean meals.  Ones with veggies in them.  And that takes planning, my friends.  Chopping, buying, thinking, organizing, tupperwaring, cleaning up.. all in advance of that moment when you get home from tap dancing all day and need “instant food”.

Do you make meals in advance?  How do you handle “instant food” problems in your life?


Today started out with a slightly later rehearsal (10:30 am yeah!) and some fun scene work and dance cleanup.  It’s so lovely to spend time with such wonderful women.  The girls in this show are something else.  So strong and talented.  And so different!  It’s such a pleasure to get to know them.  I’m learning so much already.

After rehearsal, I headed to Waterloo to meet my family for dinner and to watch my little brother’s hockey game!  We ate at Marbles.  How cute is that sign?

Here’s the (freezing cold) arena where we watched my brother’s team play.  They lost, but they put up a good fight!  I haven’t seen my brother play since he was a little kid.  I kind of expected him to look about 9 years old in his hockey stuff.  Nope.  Full grown man.

This is me and my little bro!  Not so little, eh?!

My dad and bro got the Mill Street Organic Tankhouse Ale, which was AMAZING.  I had the house red.  A Pelee Island wine.  It was so easy to drink.  Very technical, I know.  But it didn’t have that kind of acidic taste that some wines have that make you have to take really small sips.  I should be a wine reviewer.. I know.

I had the black bean sliders with the chef’s salad.  The sliders were cute and had a different topping on each: Chipotle mayo, guacamole, and salsa.  They were pretty good, not totally blown away.  The salad was tasty with an asian inspired vinaigrette that was way too sweet for my tastes.  I still enjoyed it though.  To get the salad instead of fries, you had to pay an extra two dollars! What’s with that?!  I know it’s kind of standard, but it makes me mad every time.  Entrees should come with green things.  And that’s final.  We should have to pay more for fries.

All in all, a lovely day.  Oh, and to top it all off, I got my first Menchie’s frozen yogurt creation.  I don’t even have a pic because I ate it so fast.  MMMMmm frozen yogurt.  I’m so glad those kind of shops are so scarce around here.. danger. bay.

Do you think it’s crazy to charge extra for a tiny side salad instead of fries?!

High Tea at Rutherford House

My lovely family came all the way from Ontario to visit us this Christmas!  After lots of hosting at our house, we decided to check out a local restaurant/historical building on the University of Alberta campus for some high tea.  My family is South African (and therefore quite British thanks to the whole Commonwealth thing), and we LOVE our tea.

The building was lovely!  We were seated in this sun room kind of area with tons of natural light.  There’s only space for about 6 tables worth of people.  Make reservations!

We got these lovely antique tea cups and saucers.  I loved that they were matched with their saucers but not with each other.  My dad didn’t like that.  He’s a little more traditional.

We had the Rutherford House Blend.  It was your basic black tea but just so much more amazing.  Delicious.  I had SO MUCH.

Some had milk and sugar, some just drank it black.

There were finger sandwiches and turkey pot pie and veggie puff pastries.  They were eaten before pictures could be snapped.  Delicious!  And to finish it off, traditional scones with cream and raspberry butter and a plate full of “danties”.  So delicious!

All in all, an amazing afternoon with the family.  Really, if you’re ever in Edmonton, you must go!

Friday T.M.I

So I’m totally stealing this idea from the lovely Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat (she does Confession Thursdays)…

1. I went for my 3 mile run this morning (as per my training calendar) and it went really well.  It was smoggy and hot, even though I was all prepared for September temperatures when I set out.  I ran at a 10:12 minutes per mile average pace, which is crazy fast for me!  I was so happy!  3 miles? Check!2. I am closing my show this weekend.  I’ve been in small town Ontario performing in a little show called Hairspray.  We’ve been at it for six weeks, and it’s all coming to a close this weekend.  This is the thing about what I do, change is always imminent!  I’m spending the next three weeks at home with my parents!  Fun times ahead!3. I am currently drinking an iced coffee from Tim Hortons.  I didn’t know this, but you can just say “no base” (i.e. no cream based sweetened syrup mix) and get just milk in it.  Score!!  I’m addicted.

4. I found a new blog I’m in love with called MegaNerd Runs.  She’s cute and brainy.  I LOVE RACE RECAPS.  I read them instead of going to sleep sometimes.

5. I am in love with peanut butter.  Well, nut butter in general.  And then I made my own by following EdibleASH‘s recipe using roasted cashews and coconut, and now well, I think I have unleashed a dragon here.  Good thing I don’t own a food processor yet…  but, my birthday is coming up!

There you have it!  Anything you want to share today?

Meal Planning


-overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 3/4 cup almond milk, banana blended with some milk, peanut butter added in the a.m. (1 tbsp.) = 6 Pts.

-iced coffee with 1 tbsp 5% cream = 1 Pt.

-apple slices with 1 tbsp = 1 Pt.

-bean salad: 1/2 cup of beans, veggies, 1 tsp. olive oil, balsamic, 1/2 of a 1/4 cup orzo pasta, salt and pepper = 6 Pts.

-granola bar, yogurt = 5 Pts.

-vegetable soup of some kind = 8 Pts.

-chocolate peanut butter ball = 2 Pts.

To Make Tomorrow Night:

Taco Soup: carrots, onion, garlic, broccoli, celery, + whatever veggies, 2 tsp. EVOO, veg broth, salsa, 1 cup barley.

Total = 7 Pts. (divide by 4? ish)

Baked Tofu: tofu, honey, sesame seeds, EVOO, lemon, s + p, spices

Total = 8 Pts. ?? (divide by 3 or 4 into baggies?)

Kale Chips: kale, EVOO, garlic powder, salt

Total = 2 Pts.

Indian Cravings


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