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42nd Street: Behind the Scenes.

This past summer taught me so much!  I feel like I could write a hundred posts about all the lessons I learned.  But before I go into all the details, I wanted to catch you guys up on the comings and goings of theatre life.  Of how fun and off beat all the people I get to spend my days with are.  The weird and wonderful things we get up to. So here goes!



We did a Gangnam Style video and it got like a ridiculous amount of hits.  The guy who put the video together got invited to the Gangnam guys concert in Toronto.  It was crazy!!  The Artistic Director of the festival is in it as well as Peter Mansbridge!! Crazy!IMG_1769

Just your average intermission with crazy showgirls!IMG_1741



Stratford in the fall was so beautiful!IMG_1734

Just a knitting showgirl before we busted our butts in “We’re In the Money”.  That number killed us every time!IMG_1733

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Photos from 42nd Street

Hello all!

I wanted to show you all some of the promotional photos from Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s production of 42nd Street.  These are ones that I happened to be front and centre in, which makes my mom happy.  There were like 1000 of them in total.  We had to go through them all and sign off on the ones we were ok with being made public.

Just stating the obvious, that these photos are not my property.  They are meant for promotional use for the Stratford Festival.

42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*

There you have it!  A quick peak at what I was up to all summer!  I’ll show some behind the scenes photos soon too.

What do you think?  Do you think you’d have liked the show?  Do you like musicals?

Things I Miss…

1. My vanity.  Lovingly bought for me by Mr. Best Things.  Lovingly covered in thrift store bling by yours truly.  Love that cake stand.

2. Tommy. I don’t get to drive Tommy, but money keeps disappearing from my accounts to pay for him…

3. Chelsea.

4. Running with Mr. Best Things.

5. Kisses… oh the kisses I’ve missed.

6. Cuddles in the late afternoon sun.

7. Making dinner for someone.  Every time I cook he says it’s amazing.  Every time.

8. Mr. Best Things.

No matter which side of the country I’m on, there’s something and someone to miss.

As much as I’m trying not to focus on the hard parts of why I’m here, I thought they did deserve a post.  I am truly happy to be where I am right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my own bed once in a while.

Stay positive, stay in the moment, stay connected.  The rest will sort itself out.

Or that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

March Reflections.

relieved that I think the winter is over.

running more outside and loving it.

determined to move towards a cleaner diet.

addicted to coffee.  See above.

loving my costumes in the show.

making time to exercise consistently.

noticing how much I miss Mr. Best Things in the evenings.

thankful we’re both working great jobs right now.

proud of my friend Emily for spending the last year teaching in Dubai and thriving there.

watching episodes of The New Girl and laughing my butt off.

anxious for quick change rehearsals on Saturday.

happy to be here, in this moment.

ready to get crafty again.

working on accepting myself unconditionally right now.

marveling that I’ve been gone from Mr. Best Things for 7 weeks already.

wondering the exact date of our reunion.

changing my attitude towards my body one thought at a time.

I got the inspiration from this post from a blog called Elise Joy.  Please go check it out if you have time, I find it very inspiring…


Things have been crazy the last 7 weeks.  I have moved across the country, started my dream job, moved in with my parents, and missed the heck out of my boyfriend.  I gave up a lot to be here.  A show, Chicago, that started rehearsals today.

And yet,

I am so thankful.  To be here.  Right now, in this moment.  There have been hard moments.  Tears, frustrations, questions, and trials and there will be more.  But I know, in my heart, that I am where I am supposed to be.  And that makes all the tough stuff easier.

I get to tap dance on the Festival stage.  In sequins and sparkles.  In fantastic wigs and state of the art microphones.  With the help of some of the most amazing artists this country has to offer.

I am so thankful for this moment.

PS- Stratford is a beautiful little town, you should come and visit!


Today started out with a slightly later rehearsal (10:30 am yeah!) and some fun scene work and dance cleanup.  It’s so lovely to spend time with such wonderful women.  The girls in this show are something else.  So strong and talented.  And so different!  It’s such a pleasure to get to know them.  I’m learning so much already.

After rehearsal, I headed to Waterloo to meet my family for dinner and to watch my little brother’s hockey game!  We ate at Marbles.  How cute is that sign?

Here’s the (freezing cold) arena where we watched my brother’s team play.  They lost, but they put up a good fight!  I haven’t seen my brother play since he was a little kid.  I kind of expected him to look about 9 years old in his hockey stuff.  Nope.  Full grown man.

This is me and my little bro!  Not so little, eh?!

My dad and bro got the Mill Street Organic Tankhouse Ale, which was AMAZING.  I had the house red.  A Pelee Island wine.  It was so easy to drink.  Very technical, I know.  But it didn’t have that kind of acidic taste that some wines have that make you have to take really small sips.  I should be a wine reviewer.. I know.

I had the black bean sliders with the chef’s salad.  The sliders were cute and had a different topping on each: Chipotle mayo, guacamole, and salsa.  They were pretty good, not totally blown away.  The salad was tasty with an asian inspired vinaigrette that was way too sweet for my tastes.  I still enjoyed it though.  To get the salad instead of fries, you had to pay an extra two dollars! What’s with that?!  I know it’s kind of standard, but it makes me mad every time.  Entrees should come with green things.  And that’s final.  We should have to pay more for fries.

All in all, a lovely day.  Oh, and to top it all off, I got my first Menchie’s frozen yogurt creation.  I don’t even have a pic because I ate it so fast.  MMMMmm frozen yogurt.  I’m so glad those kind of shops are so scarce around here.. danger. bay.

Do you think it’s crazy to charge extra for a tiny side salad instead of fries?!

Body Image

So I had a costume fitting today.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place.  All my costumes are being made for me.  To fit me perfectly.  Everyone makes me feel great.  They say all the right things.  They are more than wonderful and sensitive with regards to the fact that I’m standing in a well lit room in my bra and panties with 10 people milling about.

That being said..

I am going to be wearing some pretty tiny costumes.  A number of them don’t have stomachs in them.  Meaning, my stomach will be out, on stage, greeting hundreds of people a night.  Awesome. 

Actually, I’m kind of okay with the whole stomach out thing.  It’s really the legs that get me.  There are some short shorts and short skirts for me to wear too.  And again, let me stress, they are GORGEOUS.  I just get nervous that my body is not going to do the clothes justice.

How am I supposed to stay level headed about my body under these circumstances.  Again, no one is forcing them on me.  They cast me in the show.  They have my measurements.  They knew what they were getting themselves into.  It’s me.  I know.  But still, I’m nervous.

I’m using an app called “Lose It” to track my calorie intake.  I want to make sure I’m fueling properly.  I’m expending a lot of calories on a daily basis in rehearsal, but as with race training, it’s easy to over eat because you’ve worked out hard that day.  So far, so good.  I think I really need to make sure to have a cheat meal here or there.  I tend to be a little “all or nothing” with “diets”.

What do you think?  What would you do in my situation?  I’m trying so hard not to fall headlong into a bit of an over exercising, no chocolate or chips kind of craziness.  That never lasts long.  I actually just want to tone up and feel great about my body.  Weight aside.  Just feel like I can rock those costumes.  ARgh.

42nd Street: The Hair

42nd Street was the first show I ever saw on Broadway when I was in high school.  My mom bought me the album after the show.  I used to listen to it and just stare at the girls on the cover.  I loved their hair!  I just loved the way they looked.  I wanted to be just like them.  

Introducing, the finger wave.  I think the finger wave is my favourite part of 1930s style.  It’s soft, feminine, and face framing.  And wearing wigs (which is what we’ll be doing in the show), is so fun when you get to wear a finger waved bob.  It’s so flattering on EVERYONE!  

Here’s a little tutorial on how to do an official finger wave.  They used to wet their hair, apply setting lotion, man handle their hair into the curl shape, then let the hair dry under the dryer or naturally.  This creates a very sharp, “perfect” look.  The more relaxed version of the finger wave still makes an appearance today.  It’s a great vintage look to dress up any outfit!

Here’s an example of a finger wave being used today.  Isn’t that pretty? 

Little Women

Last night, Mr. Best Things and I had the pleasure of seeing the musical Little Women at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

Now, I love this musical.  Sutton Foster.  One of my favourite childhood stories.  Full on tear jerker.  Old-fashioned, straight laced love and passion.  It really is something.  But I’d never seen it onstage.  True to Citadel form, the sets, wigs, costumes, lighting, sound, and space were all just stunning.  I especially noticed the hair.  It’s difficult to have so many long haired wigs and have them all look so amazing.  They have some really talented Wig Masters working there.  Just beautiful.

Watching this show, and watching another actress take on the role of Jo March (which was so famously played by Sutton Foster on Broadway) brought up an interesting thought for me.  Do you need to belt notes in songs just because the girl on the broadway recording did?  Sutton is a widely renowned high belt/mixer and she sings the crap out of the high notes at the end of “Astonishing” the big solo that closes act one.  The beautiful actress who played Jo in the Citadel’s production didn’t belt.  She has a stunning voice, but it’s not that bright, strong, straight tone that we’re used to hearing from Sutton and the Broadway recording.  Should this be held against her?  Should she be compared to Sutton?  Is it wrong to NOT BELT the end of astonishing?

I don’t think it’s wrong.  The only thing I will say, is that I think it was written for Sutton to sing.  It was written with that last note being at the top of a high belters range to help get across all the emotions the character is feeling.  When the notes are not belted, they are not that high and therefore it’s harder to get across the emotion of the song.  But that’s just me.  I love a good, high (healthy) belt.  Nothing better.

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