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Weekly Workouts

Here we are.  My weekly round up.

The weather has been pretty stunning around here for mid March.  It’s full blown spring.  Which means it’s full blown “I can finally run outside” season.  I did my Monday run and my Sunday run outside and it was glorious.  Monday’s run was a fast 5K (28 minutes, which is one minute slower than my PR) followed by a slow miles and some walking.  Sunday’s run was my “long run”.  I’m secretly training for a Half Marathon this summer.  Guess it’s not so secret anymore.  The most I ran last summer was 7 miles.  So I’m working my way back up slowly and seeing how I feel in a month or so.  I haven’t been running a lot over the winter (-40C in Edmonton.. I WILL NOT run outside), so I’ve lost my “base” to a degree.  I feel great when I’m running, but I’m aware that my leg muscles are probably swearing to each other saying “what is this chick doing to us?!”.  I just can’t risk an injury.  So slow and steady it will be.

Check out the blooms!  I’m in Ontario, let me remind you. It’s still full on winter in Edmonton right now.

Love a daffodil!!

Here’s Garmin proof of my 5 miler!  I love my Garmin 305!

Here’s to another good week of exercise consistency!  Did you have a good week?!

Weekly Workouts

This week was all over the place.  When I actually see it all laid out like that, it looks like I was more active than I feel like I was.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday I was in for 10-6 rehearsals.  Which means we were doing lots of dancing and running around.  Tuesday and Saturday I was in for a couple of hours doing private tap rehearsals.  Overall, I’m happy with the consistency.  That’s what I’m going for.  Not blowing myself out of the water one week and then not doing anything the next week.  Which is something that I tend to do when I’m not paying attention.

The weather around here has been spectacular.  It’s been such an early and amazing spring.  Let’s hope it holds out and doesn’t surprise us with a late March snow fall!

What workout are you most proud of this week?

Weekly Workouts

I used to do this a lot more, but I thought I’d try to start posting an overview of my workouts again.  Just to keep me motivated and seeing my progress.  I’m going for consistency here people.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I’m proud of my stats this week!

I’m going streaking.

Got your attention? Not like naked at a sporting event.. ha!

This kind of streaking.

I’m going to be running an average of a mile per day from now until New Years as a way to stay motivated throughout the holiday season.  I figure, it’s not always easy to keep moving during Christmas, but I can do one mile, can’t I?  I mean, if I wanted to get it over with I could just sprint it out and it’d be over in like 8 or 9 minutes (or 10 or 11 these days who are we kidding).  And once in a while, I’m sure I’ll get on the treadmill, pound out a mile and keep going for the heck of it. I think this is just the kind of challenge I was looking for.  Nothing too overwhelming when you have family Christmas happening at your house for the first time ever.. (WTF?), just doable. I like it.

I ran my mile already today! Took me about 10 minutes. Now it’s done, and I’m off to do my show.

Happy Streaking! Join in the fun!

30 before 30.

I am 24, I realize.  But for some reason, I’ve been feeling like life is passing me by of late. I think the “twenties” are a deceptively tough time for women. I kind of feel like any moment now, my life is going to get ahead of me. Any moment now, I’ll jump on the “get engaged, get married, buy a house, have some kiddies” train.  And, don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about that stage of my life. Like, really excited. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve had the baby bug since I was about 16 years old. I just want to make sure that, in my life, I feel fulfilled. No matter how many other things are demanding my attention, I want to have fun, attainable, personal goals that I can work towards. Things that make me a happier, more well rounded person.

I am one of those super lucky people who made a career out of my hobby; dancing/performing. I LOVE that about my life. But, that’s the thing about hobbies… people need them to feel happy. We need something that takes us away from everything else in our lives. I’ve felt a little lost in my life without my “hobby” of dance. Because, as much as I love my job, it’s still a job some days. Lately, I’ve been searching for some hobbies/passions that can help me when I need a break from my job.

Enter, 30 before 30.  30 goals. to be completed by the time I’m 30. I didn’t want these to be like “have a family” or “buy a house”.  Stuff like that is so hard to pinpoint. There are so many unknowns with having kids and stuff like that. I want these goals to be about me. So that nothing outside of me can get in the way of me achieving them.

30 before 30.

1. Run a half-marathon

2. Run a marathon

3. Compete in 30 races

4. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge

5. Learn to sew on a sewing machine

6. Take a photography class

7. Take a cooking class

8. Complete a daily photography challenge

9. Blog everyday for 30 days

10. Make a piece of clothing for myself

11. Weigh my happy weight

12. Host a fantastic dinner party

13. Dye my hair an interesting colour

14. Take Mr. Best Things to South Africa to meet my family

15. Take a hot air balloon ride.

16. Be able to still do right and left leg splits and a straddle with my chest on the floor

17. Take a long road trip

18. Become a certified yoga teacher

19. Write a guest post for someone else’s blog

20. Get 100 views in a day on Best Things Happen…  (March 10th, 2012)

21. Go bungee jumping/sky diving.. something thrilling and mind bogglingly high off the ground

22. Climb a crazy high mountain.  One that takes more than a day is more than sufficient.

23. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise over a beach somewhere beautiful

24. Backpack through Europe with Mr. Best Things.

25. Spend a summer in NYC.

26. Create a recipe and publish a tutorial with beautiful, edited pictures

27. Get a degree

28. Go skinny dipping with Mr. Best Things

29. Volunteer somewhere

30. Move to a new home

2011 Fall Classic 5 Miler – Edmonton

Two races in two days!  We’re crazy. Who are we? Our first run ever was earlier this year in July, and now we’re running two races on the weekend? I love it. We ran The Fall Classic 5 Miler here in Edmonton. It was made doubly exciting because I got to use my brand new early birthday present. The illustrious Garmin Forerunner 305. After one use, I’m in love. And P.S., the course distance was PERFECT. My garmin literally beeped as I stepped over the mat. I feel like that doesn’t happen very often, especially after yesterday’s fiasco.

But let’s back up.  We got up early-ish again, I had my standard peanut butter toast and coffee, and we hit the road.  The race was just across the river in a new to me area of Edmonton called Northlands.  What a great excuse to explore a new neighbourhood!  This race was very well organized.  We even got to wait for the start inside in a community hall.  Very important because it was COLD.  Don’t want any frozen runners before the race even starts! Once we got going, I ditched the down vest and just ran in my long sleeved lululemon top and capris running tights and I was the perfect temperature.

We had lots of time for indoor bathroom breaks (I waited in the longest line for the women’s while Mr. Best Things breezed in and out of the mens!) and pre-race kissing.

The weather was pretty spectacular, I must say.  Thank you, dear Edmonton Gods of Winter, for allowing me this amazing fall weather lately.  It’s cold, but sunny and gorgeous out.  Please let this weather last as long as humanly possible.  Sincerely, Kayla.

As for the actual run, we killed it! We ran SO FAST!  I can’t believe it actually. Here’s the mile splits from my NEW GARMIN (I’m excited about this, can you tell?)

Mile 1: 9:24

Mile 2: 9:17

Mile 3: 9:23

Mile 4: 9:14

Mile 5: 8:32

I really can’t believe the time we made. I remember the run in July when I called Mr. Best Things to say that I ran 2 miles in under 11 minutes each. Just goes to show how a little sweat and pavement pounding will do wonders!  Because we entered really late, they gave us chips of no show runners.  Mr. Best Things’ alias is Lindsay, and mine is Ben. Weird, right?I got about 25 metres behind Mr. BT for the last mile or two, which suited me fine, I liked the view. So I secretly snuck up on him at the end and sprinted my ass off (reaching a 5:30 min/mile pace for a second or two) to try and beat him. The crowd watching the runners come in loved it. They told him someone was gaining and some people were cheering me on too!  In the end, he won!  He’s so fast!

Overall, I had such a great run.  We had some pancakes afterwards while sitting right there in the crunchy leaves.  Can’t the weather stay like this forever?  Please!?
I’m so glad that Mr. Best Things dragged me out on those first runs back in June. He has really helped me to love this sport.  I feel strong and powerful when I run. I can use my muscular legs for good instead of evil (mostly the evil, self-deprecating thoughts they make me think). This is probably the last race of my season this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Did anyone have to drag your butt out the door when you first started running?

2011 Outrun Poverty 5K – Edmonton

Mr. Best Things and I decided to run TWO races this weekend.  We’ve been away from each other for the last two and a half months and we were dying to get out and about and DO SOMETHING together.  I should write a post about long distance relationships…

Saturday morning, we woke up at 8:30 and started getting ready.  Our race started at 10:15. Why so late, you ask? I know, all the twitter and blogger runners write about their 3:45a.m. wake up calls before races. Well, up here in the north of Canada, we have to start our races later so we aren’t freezing, instead of earlier to avoid the heat. Crazy, right?  I love being Canadian.

We signed up for this race on a whim and didn’t really even know what the cause was until we got there. Turned out to be directly related to a church.. which I found funny considering the number I was handed.

I guess they knew the atheist in the crowd, right? Pre-race festivities included rocking out to an all girl, Christian rock band, powered by this stationary bike generator. Fun!

We were super cold waiting for the race to start so we jumped in the car and turned on the heater. The race was starting at 10:15 and being only a 3o second walk from the starting line (albeit, behind a row of trees) we decided to wait in the car till 10:10. At 10:07, I said, “I feel like we should go”. We skip on over to see a group of runners and walkers disappearing over the hill. I yelled, “Are they the 5K runners?” Hoping they were running a different distance than us. And I got a “yes!” followed by some good natured laughing, so we set off running. The clock read about 2 minutes at this point.

It didn’t really bother me at the time, but the more I think about it the more it does bother me.  I paid $28 for my race entry. There were no chips, no t-shirts, finishing medals/water bottles/anything. AND, they started a full 10 minutes early. Oh, and the real kicker, the race was only 2.98 miles according to Imapmyrun on my Iphone. This is weird, right?

It was fun to run with Mr. Best Things again. Our last run together was in Ontario is August. He’s faster than me even though I’ve been running like 10 times more than him. Annoying! Good thing he’s so cute. The race was hilly and fun to run. Good, old fashioned trail running for most of it. Right along the river. I love autumn!

Even with all the random race problems, we still had fun.  We were pretty beat afterwards from all the obstacle avoiding on the trails.  We came in (very unofficially) at around 29 minutes.  Not our fastest.  But given the hills, pedestrians, early start, and unleashed dogs, I’m happy.  We got to go out for breakfast afterwards.  What a simple treat.  I love coming home.

Have you ever ran a really disorganized race?  Did it bother you?

River Road Run – 10K

What a day!  I can’t believe I can run for an hour without dying!  It’s crazy.  I am so high on life!  But let’s back up…

Things got off to an early start, on the road just after 8a.m. for a 10a.m. start.  I was excited and nervous because I’ve never done a 10K before AND I’ve never run a race by myself!  I was heading to the River Road Run in St. Mary’s.  It was super small and casual, lots of local families, no chip timing, no microphones.  Just a bunch of runners, running.  Oh, and cute kids busting it out for the 3K.

The starting line was literally a line of tape across the road.  They started late.  There were only 40 or so runners, and I was smiling!  The whistle blew and off we went.People were full on sprinting.  In that moment, I was terrified.  I am not a fast runner, I am a new runner.  I just want to finish and not collapse at the end.  This was a small, fast, experienced field of  runners.  I managed to keep my wits about me and after a too fast first kilometre, I slowed it down to an average pace of 9:50 minutes/mile.  The course was an out and back, which I find tough.  I am too aware that every step I take out is just a step I have to take back!  But after the 5K turn around point I was still smiling.  It was a quiet, country course that got a little lonely.  I was wishing that people would chat more! I tried to talk a bit, but people were pretty into their ipods.  Does that bother anyone else?  I guess they wanted to PR?!  I ended up running with just one ear bud in for most of it.  I could only see one girl in front of me for the bulk of the run… I was lonely!  I missed running with Mr. Best Things!Before I knew it, I could see the finish line and my lovely parents who were there cheering me on!This was just after I’d done a cheer for them!  I was having so much fun, even all by my self!I booked it across the finish line having blown past the two girls I was pacing with for the first half of the race.  I finished in an automatic PR (because it was my first 10K) of 1:00:26!  I am so happy with that time!  I actually finished about 6 or 7th last of all the 10Kers… it was a FAST GROUP!  In the end, what a fun and exciting day I had.  I have caught the running bug so hard!  I can’t stop. I’m looking for a couple more little races before the winter sets in.

Did you race this weekend?  Training for anything?

10K Sign Up

I had so much fun at my second ever race, a 5K with my family, last weekend, that I couldn’t help but sign up for another one before I leave. I have been training for a 10 Miler (which I’m still not officially signed up for) in October and I figured a 10K would be the perfect stepping stone towards that goal.  Just on Monday, I ran 6 miles for the first time in around 1:10.  It was tough, it was hot, but I survived and even ran most of it.  I feel like 10K (or 6.2 miles) is totally doable, but much more of a challenge than my last 5K.  Funny how when I started running in May, I was terrified I wouldn’t get through the 3.1 miles of my 5K race, and now I think that’s easy (ish).The run is on Sunday, September 25th at 10 a.m!  Wish me luck!P.S. – I’m obviously just in this for the t-shirts.

Have you signed up for any races lately?  Do you like to sign up way in advance, or spur of the moment?

A Letter

Dear (check whatever applies):

_ lady who was running up the hill tonight at 8p.m. wearing stylish black workout gear

_ lady who was trying her best in my bodyflow class tonight

_ gentleman walking into gym at 8p.m. wearing a suit obviously coming straight from work

_ anyone who wonders if people are judging them while they workout

I just want to say I applaud you.

I have had the good fortune in my life to be active thus far.  As a dancer, I have learned to control my body even when put in very unlikely situations (my first body pump class).  My body works with me when I want to try something new fitness wise. And yet, when I started running outside, I figured EVERYONE was staring at me.  Everyone was waiting for me to have to stop so they could say “See, she’s not a runner.  She’s just walking.”  Why do we do this to ourselves?

Every time I see someone out running, biking, walking with a friend, out with their dog, and so on, I think to myself, “Good for you”. Especially if that person isn’t a 120 lbs. ball of muscle who looks like they’ve been running their whole lives.  I find myself drawn to the lady who probably just worked a full day, made her kids dinner, cleaned up, then laced up her running shoes and got out the door.  To me, that’s dedication.  I look up to people like that.  I look to you for inspiration.

So thank you.  To everyone who tweets their mileage.  To everyone who blogs their race recaps.  To all the pregnant ladies who walk 3 miles a day and run 5K’s faster than I can.  To all the new moms who blog about their fitness regime.  You guys are the ones who have made me see that I have no excuse.  I am young, fit, and childless.  I am not rich, but I do have running shoes.  And a lovely man who will run with me.

Next time you think, “Meh, I don’t feel like running today” think of the lady who got up at 4:45a.m. to get her long run in on a Saturday before her kids got up.  It’s not about comparing yourself to others, it’s about taking inspiration and motivation from the miracles that surround us.  We can walk, run, sweat, get stronger, and feel better.  So why wouldn’t we?

What do you use for motivation when you’re just not feeling it?

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