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September Fun.

September started off sunny and lazy in Ontario.I cuddled with my puppy.  We call her Dog.  Her real name is Callie.  She’s a beagle.I cleaned out my closets at home.  And found this gem.  My gymnastics trophy from when I was 8.I ran two races!  A 5K and my first 10K!

I bought and car and drove it across the country with my dad.I went to my lovely friend’s Kalie and Phil’s wedding.And… I spent my first day on set EVER.  I filmed a mini-series for Global TV called “Bomb Girls”.  I swing danced for 14 hours!  What a month!





The Day I Became An Adult…

Introducing.. for the first time.. the newest addition to our family…

TOMMY the red 2007 Civic Coupe!Tommy is sweet, sassy, and has many lovely nicknames.  Tom Tom for when you’re feeling playful.  Tomathy for when he’s in trouble.

I am now the proud owner of a 5 year loan agreement, car payments, insurance… the list goes on.  I’m anxious and nervous.  I feel like an adult!  And I like it.  I’m taking a huge step towards being a real live, responsible person.  I hereby swear to myself and the internet that I will take care of Tommy.  Financially and otherwise as long as his sassy little wheels keep spinning.When did you finally feel like a “grown up”?  Financially, or other wise?

Friday T.M.I

So I’m totally stealing this idea from the lovely Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat (she does Confession Thursdays)…

1. I went for my 3 mile run this morning (as per my training calendar) and it went really well.  It was smoggy and hot, even though I was all prepared for September temperatures when I set out.  I ran at a 10:12 minutes per mile average pace, which is crazy fast for me!  I was so happy!  3 miles? Check!2. I am closing my show this weekend.  I’ve been in small town Ontario performing in a little show called Hairspray.  We’ve been at it for six weeks, and it’s all coming to a close this weekend.  This is the thing about what I do, change is always imminent!  I’m spending the next three weeks at home with my parents!  Fun times ahead!3. I am currently drinking an iced coffee from Tim Hortons.  I didn’t know this, but you can just say “no base” (i.e. no cream based sweetened syrup mix) and get just milk in it.  Score!!  I’m addicted.

4. I found a new blog I’m in love with called MegaNerd Runs.  She’s cute and brainy.  I LOVE RACE RECAPS.  I read them instead of going to sleep sometimes.

5. I am in love with peanut butter.  Well, nut butter in general.  And then I made my own by following EdibleASH‘s recipe using roasted cashews and coconut, and now well, I think I have unleashed a dragon here.  Good thing I don’t own a food processor yet…  but, my birthday is coming up!

There you have it!  Anything you want to share today?

September Goals

After the success of my August Goal initiative, I am so pumped to think of my new September goals!  I have a feeling they’ll be along the same lines as the August ones, but that’s okay!  I just can’t believe how successful I was with my S.M.A.R.T. goals.  I never stick things out like I did in August.

So here goes nothing…

September Goals:

1) Lose 4 more lbs this month.  This is the exact same goal as last month and I intend to reach it in the exact same fashion.  By continuing to track my food, eat mindfully, attend my WW meetings, and lose slowly and steadily.

2) Stick to my 10 miler training plan.  Have successfully run 26 miles last month (omg, who knew I could run that much?!), I am ready to up my mileage (safely and slowly of course).  My intended mileage based on my training plan this month is 60 miles (that seems like too much now that I see that number), but to account for rest days and listening to my body, I’m going to set my official goal miles for September at 50 miles.

3) Floss my teeth everyday.  I know, I know, I know, how come I’m not doing this already?  I just.. it takes so long.. and I’m apparently the laziest person who ever lived.  So, Dear Kayla.  Do it. Xo.

4) Continue to take Zumba and Goodlife classes.  I am becoming more and more interested in becoming a group fitness instructor.  So I want to continue to learn and practice in group fitness classes as well as read and study so that when I can take my training, I’m ready to go.

5) Buy a car.  I have been planning (along with Mr. Best Things) to make a purchase for a while now.  This month just presents itself with the right time and right place.  A lot of time, energy, and research will go into making this dream a reality.

Wish me luck!

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