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Mini-Date Night.

We’re all busy. Right?  I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to spend quality time with Mr. Best Things.  Not in the car, not late at night, or early in the morning.. then when?!  Anybody have some busy people tips for lasting love?

I’ve got one for you!  When you find an hour with nothing to do, do something.  Quick, before the hour has passed you by!  We managed to make this happen the other night.  The Alberta Legislature is covered with beautiful Christmas lights, and even though Christmas is long gone now, we picked up some hot chocolate and went for a wander through the park together.

Here’s how it went down:

I had to pick up Mr. Best Things from work across the river.  I put on a cute headband (of my own creation!) just because and headed out the door.

It gets dark super early here, like 3:30 pm the sun starts going down.. I’m serious. But that means that dates that are better experienced in the dark can happen at 5 pm!  Lucky.  I drove over the river and it was such a lovely night I just had to suggest heading out for a walk.

We picked up some Startbucks hot chocolate (yum!) and parked Tommy in a very conveniently located parking lot and headed out.  Here’s the “Ledge” with only a sprinkling of Christmas lights pictured.  There were lights EVERYWHERE!

There was a huge tree in the middle with a beautiful star!  There were even speakers with Christmas tunes playing!

How beautiful is this?  All lit up!

There’s a flame that stays lit all the time to commemorate the centennial (I think.. I read the sign.. it just didn’t sink in).

There was even a skating rink!  Mr. Best Things looks cute, eh? Like a little kid!

A perfect, cheap, fun, spur of the moment mini date night!  It was so fun!  I wish we could make this happen all the time.  But I guess it wouldn’t feel so special then, right?

Do you have any tips for having fun date nights even when you’re a busy couple?

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