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I decided I needed some fun this weekend.  So, after rehearsals on Saturday night, I stayed over with my friend Matt in Stratford.  We went out for Indian food and had the most amazing meal, followed by the delicious mango ice cream above.  We went out for drinks after with the cast and I had one too many fresh line margaritas, which were super tasty.  Sunday morning we went to the Stratford Swan Parade.  Yes, you heard correctly.  There is a parade, with bag pipes and people lining the street, to get the swans into the river.  How weird is that?  It was raining and cold, but we still went and had fun!  What a weird experience.  But what a great weekend!


Today started out with a slightly later rehearsal (10:30 am yeah!) and some fun scene work and dance cleanup.  It’s so lovely to spend time with such wonderful women.  The girls in this show are something else.  So strong and talented.  And so different!  It’s such a pleasure to get to know them.  I’m learning so much already.

After rehearsal, I headed to Waterloo to meet my family for dinner and to watch my little brother’s hockey game!  We ate at Marbles.  How cute is that sign?

Here’s the (freezing cold) arena where we watched my brother’s team play.  They lost, but they put up a good fight!  I haven’t seen my brother play since he was a little kid.  I kind of expected him to look about 9 years old in his hockey stuff.  Nope.  Full grown man.

This is me and my little bro!  Not so little, eh?!

My dad and bro got the Mill Street Organic Tankhouse Ale, which was AMAZING.  I had the house red.  A Pelee Island wine.  It was so easy to drink.  Very technical, I know.  But it didn’t have that kind of acidic taste that some wines have that make you have to take really small sips.  I should be a wine reviewer.. I know.

I had the black bean sliders with the chef’s salad.  The sliders were cute and had a different topping on each: Chipotle mayo, guacamole, and salsa.  They were pretty good, not totally blown away.  The salad was tasty with an asian inspired vinaigrette that was way too sweet for my tastes.  I still enjoyed it though.  To get the salad instead of fries, you had to pay an extra two dollars! What’s with that?!  I know it’s kind of standard, but it makes me mad every time.  Entrees should come with green things.  And that’s final.  We should have to pay more for fries.

All in all, a lovely day.  Oh, and to top it all off, I got my first Menchie’s frozen yogurt creation.  I don’t even have a pic because I ate it so fast.  MMMMmm frozen yogurt.  I’m so glad those kind of shops are so scarce around here.. danger. bay.

Do you think it’s crazy to charge extra for a tiny side salad instead of fries?!

30 Day Vegan Challenge

So it’s actually Day 3 of this challenge.  I guess I wanted to make sure I could do it before making it blog world official.  The challenge was actually put forth by Run to the Finish so feel free to pop on over and check out the official page.  For me, this is more of a declaration of my general desire to eat more whole foods than non whole foods.  I have been really cracking down on my junk consumption these last three weeks and I’ve noticed a great difference in my body.  Not in a like magical, “Oh wow, now my body is perfect and I love everything about it” kind of way, just that I can tell if my body sort of disagrees with something.  Like a processed soy based granola bar with 35 ingredients.  Didn’t make my stomach feel awesome.  That americano I didn’t really need but drank at 4p.m. gave me a splitting headache.  Things I would never have noticed if I hadn’t cleaned up my diet.  I realize that I am in control of how my body functions on a day to day basis.  I can make it work harder, or not.  I can feed it clean, colourful food, or I can make it slog through junk to find nutrients.


I’ve been vegan before.  I don’t think I did it right.  I know A LOT more about food now.  About how to eat to feel great even if you’re cutting out animal products.  The only real changes I need to make to my diet to be vegan are: dropping eggs, cheese, and greek yogurt.  Other than that, I’m already there.  The challenge for me lies not in the actual “vegan” ness of it all, but in the whole food aspect of it.

Vegan related things on my mind:

-I’m making a ton of recipes by Angela at Oh She Glows lately.  Check them out.  They are AMAZING.

-I am eating so much kale and I’m loving it.  In smoothies, stirfrys, and chip form.

-I have eaten steel cut oats every morning for the past month.. I need to branch out.

-I gave up chips for lent.  I’m not religious.  Can I still participate?  I LOVE chips. I’ll give you my recipe for chip salad .. have everyone buy a small bag of chips then put them all in a big bowl together.  It’s delicious and nutritious!

-Before the challenge started I was eating some dip leftover from a party my dad had and looked at the ingredients list.. it included CHICKEN FAT?! WTF? I was baffled and upset.  Though not vegan at the time, I have been vegetarian for 4.5 years so this sucked!  WHY would one need chicken fat in a vegetable dip!?!?  ARGh.  read labels. lesson learned.

-same thing happened with some digestive biscuits but this time it was beef stock or something. again WTF.  Two incidents in two days.  Gross. I relearned the lesson thank you very much.


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