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It’s weird when you stumble upon something that reflects your mental state so perfectly. Take 35 seconds to read this post, it’s a good one.

Life Lately: In Iphone Photos

I painted my nails this awesome light greyish purple colour then added polka dots with a toothpick.  Needs some practice, but I managed to make them look pretty cool!

Had a mad pancake craving at 8pm after dinner one night so I made a small one.

The view from the Discovery centre in Stratford where some of our secondary rehearsals have been held.  Beautiful view of the river.

A massively delicious salad I enjoyed after a yoga class last week.  It was called the Bikini Salad.. Cute name, right?

An interesting statue outside the discovery centre.  I should find out what it means…

Working hard or hardly working?  I feel like I’m at summer camp for professional actors.. and I’m loving it.  Organic red wine, anyone?

I made the “Cozy Millet Gravy Bowl” from Oh She Glows.  It’s amazing.  Vegan.  And so satisfying.

I managed to squeak in 5 miles on Saturday.  The most i’ve run since my 5 mile race in October.  I’m feeling the running itch again friends, and I’m loving it!

And me.  Just a slightly tired, post run, totally contented smile from the end of my week.  Life really is wonderful.  

I am so thankful this week.  For my health, my strength, my determination.  For my luck.  For the wonderful people in my life.  Near and far.

Thank you for reading.  You make me smile too.

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