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Christmas Card DIY

Christmas is upon us! I really should’ve sent out these cards weeks ago, but that’s not how I roll. I get things done, usually in the nick of time!  I work well under pressure?  Anyways..

Thought I would show you a quick tutorial on how to make homemade Christmas cards!  I am all about not buying a bunch of holiday stuff this year and rather making cards/gifts myself. I don’t have the money to be spending a ton during the holidays, but I also think that homemade stuff is so much more thoughtful and (hopefully) appreciated!  Also, it’s fun! Oh, and easy.

Start with some card stock from a stationary store (or in my case, the shoe box I found under our bed).  Whatever colour you have is perfect!  Fold it in half.

Find some mismatched Christmas ribbon.  I got mine on sale at Michaels’ Craft store for $1 a roll.  I bought 4 different colours and I just mix and match to make all the cards a little different.  Cut one ribbon as long as the card and two pieces as wide as the card.  I did the “measuring” once and then used those pieces as guides to chop up the rest of the pieces really fast.  I assembly lined that sh*t!

Grab your trusty hot glue gun (or craft glue would work too!) and eyeball the long ribbon on first.  I glued the top section, then folded the paper and glued the other side, just to make sure I left enough give for the card to actually fold.

Glue on of the shorter ribbon pieces onto one half of the card, like a present!

Fold the card and turn it over.  Glue the second shorter piece on the other side using the first one as a guide to make sure they’re even.

Trim up the little ends that are left.  Otherwise it won’t fit in the envelope!

I have a ton of blank photo paper lying around. We were given a bunch last time we had photos developed. I used a piece and free-hand cut out little tag shapes.

Take a little piece of twine, embroidery floss, ribbon, whatever you have and tie a tiny bow.  Place a dot of hot glue on your mini label and attach.  Write a little message on the card.  We chose “with love” for the simplicity of the overall look.

Place a dot of hot glue in the middle of where the ribbons cross and attach your mini label.  There you have it!  

Here are some more completed cards. Just keep mixing and matching.  They do look nice with all the same ribbon too!

Just to be fancy, I wrote our message on blank piece of photo paper with a sharpie then hot glued it inside. So there you have it!  I hope you like them! And I hope you have more Christmas cards in the mail at this very moment than I do…

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