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New Years Eve.

I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to share a couple of photos from my New Years Eve this year.  I actually had to work that night!  We had a show scheduled that started at 9:10.  We performed for a crowd who had paid lots of money to have a dinner, show, and special New Years celebration with the cast.  We were all geared up to perform when our lead came in and was deathly ill.  His wife, who’s also in the show, was so sick she couldn’t come in and her understudy had to go on.  So, needless to say, the energy backstage was CRAZY.

Nevertheless, the show went on.  Mr. Best Things was even in the audience which always makes me happy!  The show came down at 11:54 or something crazy like that.  We changed like mad women ( I was dressed as Cyndi Lauper.. there was no way I was ringing in the New Year dressed like that!), grabbed a glass of champagne and headed back onstage to ring in the New Year with the audience.  It was actually pretty fun considering I was at work.

After all that craziness, we headed up to Laura Mae‘s room for some casual festivities with just the cast.  Chelsea from Mixed Mediums Theatre took some photos of us!

My dress is vintage that I bought at a consignment store in South Africa about 5 years ago.  My Granny loved it.

It’s our second New Years together! How crazy is that?  Last year we were in Niagara Falls, ON.  This year, Edmonton! Crazy!

We’re so in love, eh?!

All in all, a fun New Years Eve!

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