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I decided I needed some fun this weekend.  So, after rehearsals on Saturday night, I stayed over with my friend Matt in Stratford.  We went out for Indian food and had the most amazing meal, followed by the delicious mango ice cream above.  We went out for drinks after with the cast and I had one too many fresh line margaritas, which were super tasty.  Sunday morning we went to the Stratford Swan Parade.  Yes, you heard correctly.  There is a parade, with bag pipes and people lining the street, to get the swans into the river.  How weird is that?  It was raining and cold, but we still went and had fun!  What a weird experience.  But what a great weekend!

Weekly Workouts

This week was all over the place.  When I actually see it all laid out like that, it looks like I was more active than I feel like I was.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday I was in for 10-6 rehearsals.  Which means we were doing lots of dancing and running around.  Tuesday and Saturday I was in for a couple of hours doing private tap rehearsals.  Overall, I’m happy with the consistency.  That’s what I’m going for.  Not blowing myself out of the water one week and then not doing anything the next week.  Which is something that I tend to do when I’m not paying attention.

The weather around here has been spectacular.  It’s been such an early and amazing spring.  Let’s hope it holds out and doesn’t surprise us with a late March snow fall!

What workout are you most proud of this week?

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