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Simple Happiness

Imagine if you could run along this trail every day, all year.  You would be in perfect shape, wouldn’t you?  And you’d be perfectly happy, right?  And you’d have no excuse for skipping a workout because you couldn’t shovel the car out of the driveway.  Or the roads were closed because of an ice storm when it was -40C.But if that was the case, this view wouldn’t be as special.  Today’s three mile run wouldn’t be as memorable.  Because my time in this sweet, small, beachy town is ending.  This week in fact.  And summer is coming to a close.  So today, I am thankful.  For views like this.  For being able to run at all.  For dancing on a stage for a living.  For summer breezes.  For small victories.  And simple happiness.

August Goals

1. Lose 4 lbs. this month (Total weight loss to date: 8.1 lbs!)

-continue to attend my weekly W.W. meetings and weigh-ins.

-stay motivated to try new things and change up what I’m spending my points on

-keep focusing on feeding my body when I get hunger signals and not eat for emotional reasons or boredom.  Ask, “Am I truly hungry?” before every extra snack/meal.

2. Run 24 miles this month

-I have been running 2-3 times per week up to about 3 miles at a time.  So I think averaging about 6 miles per week is reasonable.

-Continue to run 2-3 miles per week for about 3 miles per run.

-Try to run at least 4 miles once this month

3. Figure out my new “money making plan” for when I’m an out of work actor

-sign up for a Zumba training course in September

-look into qualifications needed (Can-Fit Pro, First Aid Courses) and sign up if possible

-email 3 clubs in Edmonton and ask questions

4. “Ten Second Tidy” every morning and evening

-in the mornings: make bed, put away clothes in closet, line up shoes, pack bag, unload dishwasher

-in the evenings: unpack bag, unpack lunch, tidy kitchen, straighten room

5. “Dress like a real person” whenever possible

-I’ve already been trying to take my everyday attire from “fitness chic” to “real person contributing to society”

-Continue to wear a dress, jeans and tee, or whatever thought through outfit I desire whenever not scheduled to dance all day.

-Include shoes and accessories in above statement whenever possible.  No, runners don’t count.

-When I must wear dance clothes, think about adding an accessory or different top for times when I’m on break.

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