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42nd Street: Behind the Scenes.

This past summer taught me so much!  I feel like I could write a hundred posts about all the lessons I learned.  But before I go into all the details, I wanted to catch you guys up on the comings and goings of theatre life.  Of how fun and off beat all the people I get to spend my days with are.  The weird and wonderful things we get up to. So here goes!



We did a Gangnam Style video and it got like a ridiculous amount of hits.  The guy who put the video together got invited to the Gangnam guys concert in Toronto.  It was crazy!!  The Artistic Director of the festival is in it as well as Peter Mansbridge!! Crazy!IMG_1769

Just your average intermission with crazy showgirls!IMG_1741



Stratford in the fall was so beautiful!IMG_1734

Just a knitting showgirl before we busted our butts in “We’re In the Money”.  That number killed us every time!IMG_1733

Thanks for stopping by!

Photos from 42nd Street

Hello all!

I wanted to show you all some of the promotional photos from Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s production of 42nd Street.  These are ones that I happened to be front and centre in, which makes my mom happy.  There were like 1000 of them in total.  We had to go through them all and sign off on the ones we were ok with being made public.

Just stating the obvious, that these photos are not my property.  They are meant for promotional use for the Stratford Festival.

42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*42nd Street - On the Run *APPROVED*

There you have it!  A quick peak at what I was up to all summer!  I’ll show some behind the scenes photos soon too.

What do you think?  Do you think you’d have liked the show?  Do you like musicals?

42nd Street: The Hats

The next show I’ll be working on is called 42nd Street and it’s set in 1933.  I wanted to do a little bit of research on some fashion and relevant information about the time period and I thought I’d share it with you!

Let’s start with hats!

These are examples of “Cloche” hats.  Cloche is the French word for bell.  They were quite popular in the 1920s through the very early 1930s, although it started to be more fashionable to turn up the brim in the early 30s.  By 1934 these hats would have been considered out of date. I think some of the girls in the company of “Pretty Lady” (The show within a show of 42nd Street) would still be wearing these Cloche hats because they wouldn’t have had the money to buy the new style because of the depression.  Although, they would’ve been aware that they were risking being “behind the times”.  

Here are some more fancy versions of hats of this era!

I love these styles!  I think they’re totally wearable today!

For example..

Omg.. babies wearing Cloches… I love it!

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